Beautiful and Powerful Large Seven Chakra Orgonite Pyramid, Add Dowsing Seven Chakra Angel or Add Tu

199,90 TL

This pyramid is composed of resin, natural crystals, gold powder, copper and a clear quartz point in the middle.
Item Dimensions:
- Average Dimension: 3″ Length x 2″ width.
- Size: 60 mm to 70 mm
- Average Weight: 137 grams.
his Wholesale Orgonite Healing Pyramid is a natural crystals and it is used in healing chakras of the body, it's good for energy generator, as a reiki pyramid, gift crystals, orgone pyramid paperweight, pyramid meditation, relieves from negativity, protection crystals, cleansing stones etc. We have wide range of natural healing products and handmade pyramid, chakra pyramid, chakra products in our stone crystal store which are on sale. Also the main uses are home decor, spiritual, religious, reiki, income gainer, gain success, gains positivity, and natural decor.

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