GEO - Orbit

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GEO - Orbit Masa/Sarkıt aydınlatma

Ölçü: 51x33x33 cm

GEO is the third member of our orbit series. When designing this modern chandelier, the planets and their phenomena were uniquely symbolized in the wing orbits that form one with each other around the fixed center. This handmade light, which can be also hung, examines the plane logic that we know and are accustomed to, through the relationship of the truncated mass perception and the orbits. With this suspension luminaire, you can light your dining tables and use them as a unique decor for your whole home.

With ZeroLab, light your surroundings with your energy.

E27 light fixture, compatible with LED and compact fluorescent bulbs.
Light ball max diameter: 60mm

The product is suitable for indoor use only.

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