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  • VTL series Vactrol
  • - Frequency response 20hz - 20khz
  • - The components are approved by RoHS
  • - Quality printing circuit board (PCB)
  • - CV input 7.2v
  • - For audio and CV

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pLPG is a passive Vca and Lpg. It can be used on analog synthesizers and Eurocrack systems. This circuitry synthesizers have an amp, and in addition to being used for voluming up and down the oscillator with an envelope, it can be used to turn on/off the oscillators that are directed due to FM modulation, and to turn on/off any CV signal, as well. You can integrate or inactivate the lowpass filtering capacitor with a switch. Capacitor filtering is non-resonance, and because of this, the sound is so transparent. Just like the other Lpg circuits, when the capacitor is on, the filtering rate changes in accordance with the incoming voltage to CV. As the volume goes down, the filtering increases correspondingly. . The circuit is passive, and it works with the CV voltage coming from the envelope.... 
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