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Infinite Loop Ring


*Very stylish ring*
☆ If you want to take the eyes on you, you can be sure that LACE Jewelry Wearable Art COLLECTION is the right choice;) ☆

The collection is specially designed and manufactured in limited pieces. Every piece is one-of-a-kind jewelry transformed into silver jewelry from hand-knitted lace with a deep imagination, passion and craftmanship. Therefore, each one is a piece of art.

The ring is suprisingly light because it is made of silver plated lace. All other pieces used are 925 sterling silver.Jewelry making techniques such as soldering and stone setting are used.Unique blue colored labrodite stone is used.

Ring number is 14. Please note that the size can not be changed. Do not force in order to narrow / wider it to fit on your finger.
**It is recommended to use precise to prevent breakage and damage.**
**Lace Collection jewelry are not refundable**

♡ All my jewelries is a unique design,hand fabricated and limited production. Thanks a lot for shopping and enjoy your jewelry:D ♡


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Handmade jewelries that have stories! II Hikayesi olan takılar takın, farklılığınızı hissedin!

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