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CineStills Collection: Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom Desktop & Mobile


A Collection of 37+2 Cinema Inspired Presets for Adobe Lightroom and Mobile.

It will help you achieve great cinema aesthetics to give your photos a simulated cinematic look.

It has been inspired by the cinematic photography and fine-tuned based on my personal work over the years. It includes a very powerful pack of both cinematic + film-flavored presets; that I honestly would use if I was asked to re-process my photos. There are 2 additional presets for you to add widescreen black bars directly within Lightroom optimized for anamorphic aspect ratio. 

A user guide will be provided together with the purchase. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or feedback.

Find more cinematic photography samples color-graded with the presets on my flickr: @emrecift


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